Professional Development

Professional Learning Opportunities

Our hands-on workshops and interactive webinars offer a collaborative space where educators can come together to ask questions about their literacy practices and share their ideas with valued colleagues.

These programs are specialized to help educators strengthen students’ literacy skills both online and in the traditional classroom.

Online Resources 

In addition to continuous professional development opportunities, we offer various FREE online resources in both English and Spanish. 

Reading and Thinking Together / Leyendo y Pensando Juntos

A collection of digital readings. For each selected text, an adult reads the text aloud in English or Spanish, posing questions and comments to stimulate a young reader’s thinking and interaction with the visuals and print. Each reading includes a downloadable guide for extending the learning with follow-up activities.

Okapi’s Digital Samples

Over 200 digitized, easy-to-use books, lesson plans, and downloadable running records from all levels of our flagship programs. 

Literacy Voices Blog

Tips from experienced educators, personal stories, videos of teaching in real classrooms and innovative approaches to improve your teaching practice. 

Okapi Literacy Voices Community

A Facebook group where literacy instructors can interact and share experiences. 


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